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Current Students


Welcome everyone joins NTUT and choose one of the programs provided by CMEE. The following sections are the quick view of the information you need to know studying in NTUT. For the details of information, please check out the website of Office of International Affairs


Guide for new students

The Guide for new students (document / websitehelp you get a gist of lifving in Taiwan and on campus. Besides, the information in links below includes the annoucement of enrollment day, health check for new students, and tuition payment etc. Make sure you read the information through. 



Course system include the description of coursescredits of the courses, and schedule of classes in English etc. It would be helpful for you before choosing courses.  



Because the Bank of Taiwan doesn't provide English tuition system, please follow the instrution, "How to print out tuition bill", and complete the payment on time. 



There are few options for you in terms of accomondation on or off caompus. Please check the below link for more information. 



There are several categories of scholorships available at NTUT. Please find links below for further details.  


Taipei Tech Scholarships

Hua Yu Scholarship
International Graduate Student Scholarship

Taiwan Government Scholarship

Taiwan Scholarship
MOE Elite Scholarship Program for Lecturers
Taipei City Southbound ICT Scholarship Program


Taipei Tech Scholarships

Name Hua Yu Scholarship
Target Undergraduate Students
Award Item Tutition Fee 50% off

New students who wish to apply for Taipei Tech Hua Yu Scholarship must submit one of the following certificates before semester begins :

  1. TOCFL B Level or above
  2. Chinese Subject - Level C or above in SPM Test
  3. Chinese Subject - Level C or above in UEC Test

Scholarship can be renewed based on the academic performance in previous year. Please check the Hua Yu Scholarship Regulation for reference.

Renewal application Every July






Name International Graduate Student Scholarship
Target Postgraduate Students
Award Item

Master :

  1. Tutition Waiver (two years max.)
  2. Monthly Stipend NT 6,000 (first year only)

PhD :

  1. Tutition Waiver (four years max.)
  2. Monthly Stipend NT 12,000 (four years max.)
Renewal Requirement

Second year master’s students may apply for tuition waiver with first year academic performance.

From the 2nd year onward, PhD studens’ academic performance and the number of published journals (doctoral students only) in the previous year will be the criteria for scholarship renewal.

Please check the International Graduate Student Scholarship Regulationfor reference.

Renewal application Fall Intake : Every July
Spring Intake : Every February

The following international graduate students may not apply for the International Graduate Student Scholarship :

  1. Students who are already receiving other forms of financial aid from Taiwan government or Taipei Tech.
  2. Students who are engaged in full-time paid employment in Taiwan.

Guidelines for NTUT International Graduate Student Scholarship (Pre 2014)


Guidelines for NTUT International Graduate Student Scholarship (Post 2015)


International Graduate Student Scholarship Application Form

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