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Department of Mechanical Engnieering

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

In-Service Master’s Program

Research Highlights

Mechatronic Technology: mechanism, electronics, sensor, actuator, and controller integration, machine vision and image processing, automatic optical inspection, interactive recreational equipment design, etc.

MEAMS: microsensor and microactuator, microsystem design and fabrication, optoelectronic measurement, microthermal and fluid system, micro system packaging and testing, RF communication IC design, micro molding            and injection, etc.

Precision Machinery: precision mechanism and transmission system, precision driver design and control, vibration and noise control, rapid prototyping design, precision machinery design and control, etc.

Semi-Conductor Technology and BioTech: semi-conductor device design, IC manufacturing process, IC packaging and testing, DNA chip, protein chip and biochip design, etc.


To nourish professional engineers of the ability in the field of mechanical engineering both in theory and practice

To offer trainings in foreign languages, liberal arts and law for well-rounded industrial people

To boost the level of research skill and improve the ability in developing new technology for industry


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