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The College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (CMEE) at Taipei Tech was founded in August 1999. The first Dean was Prof. Leehter Yao, followed by Prof. Wen-Show Kao, Prof. Chi-Rhey Lin, Prof. Che-Hwa Yang and Prof. Ho Chang. In 2020 August, Prof. Chun-Ying Lee was elected as the ninth dean and has been taken the post since then. There are several academic programs offering bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

The mission of Taipei Tech is becoming a university with emphasis on practical and applied researches. The development goal is to align our research strength with the industrial needs in order to promote the technology development of industry. As a college devoting to mechanical and electrical technologies, we focus on both the teaching with characteristics of vocational education and the research with practical applications.

For the realization of our mission, our doctoral program started to recruit “technology-oriented” students in 2013, beside the original “academic-oriented” students. We have been the leading university in Taiwan to develop this new system. With  emphasis on cultivating the students with skills in technological development for industry, in contrast to the ordinary doctoral program in scientific research, the students are required to take industrial internship and to focus their researches on technology development. Most of all, the award of the doctoral degree will be mainly based on the performance in technology development, not the publication of scientific journal papers.