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Department of Vehicle Engineering

Master Program 
This program aims to cultivate integrated and creative specialists in vehicle engineering. The students are expected to be skillful and expert in fulfilling the requirements of vehicle design, manufacturing, regulating and examination. Besides, they are trained to be of sound attitude, responsibility, diligence and cooperation in vocational morality. They are conducted to be not only of creative innovation in research, but also of full kindness in humanist. 

Students who are admitted to this program must earn 24 credits for courses, 2 credits for seminar and 6 credits for a thesis within four years, and defend a master's thesis to obtain the master degree. This program aims to develop in following fields,


Advanced power technologies

(1) Emission improvement of gasoline/diesel engines
(2) Alternative fuels
(3) Gasoline direct injection
(4) Hybrid power
(5) Motor driving control
(6) Battery energy management and application

Noise and vibration control technologies
(1) Simulation of vehicle dynamic behavior and the reduction of riding harshness
(2) Refinement methods of noise and vibration on engine, transmission, exhaust  
(3) High-speed railway transportation


Safety and maneuverability enhancement
(1) Structure safety
(2) Anti-impact system
(3) Anti-lock braking system
(4) Traction-force control system
(5) Four-wheel driving
(6) Four-wheel steering
(7) Preview suspension

Track vehicle technologies
(1) Mechanical and electrical system of rapid transit
(2) High-speed railway transportation
(3) Magnetic suspension vehicles. 
(4) Intelligent vehicles: Automatic pilot, Global position system, Anti-theft system


Accident reconstruction techniques
(1) Impact behaviors of vehicles
(2) Control modes of vehicle
(3) Simulation of vehicle crush. 


Four-year Program 
With Taiwan's perspective membership in the WTO and the adjustment of industries in Taiwan, this department aims to cultivate specialists in mobile and track vehicles. Especially, it develops engineers to specialize in vehicle safety apparatus, recycling, vehicle accident examination, vehicle design, and advanced vehicle repair. 

In addition to the development of vehicle theory, practical experiment, special project and outside-school practice will be required for the students of this department. To meet the development of vehicle industry in Taiwan, this department now provides one class of master program and one class of four-year college program in day-division, one class of master program and one class of two-year college program in night-division for on-the-job students, and one class of two-year college program in Saturday-and-Sunday division. The purposes of this department are as follows: 

Motor Vehicle
(1) To cultivate student’s talent for designing, manufacturing and developing key components of motor vehicles.
(2) To cultivate student’s ability to repair high-tech vehicles in order to meet the needs of the WTO.
(3) To cultivate the technology of accident reconstruction from the basic to the top level.
(4) To help modifying the national standard for motor vehicles.

Track Vehicle
(1) To cultivate student’s talent for the electromechanical system design of track engineering.
(2) To cultivate student’s ability to repair the system of track engineering.
(3) To cultivate the technology of track engineering safety examination.
(4) To help modifying the national standard for track vehicles.


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