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Graduate Institute of Automation Technology

The objectives of GIAT is to train professional engineers in harmony with national industry and technology development policy, and so as in the instruction, theories and engineering practices are integrated to cultivate innovative potential and implement ability of students. The GIAT also strongly facilitates each student equip his/her own specific knowledge and the ability of innovative research, the requirement of engineering and technology industry, persistence in studying during his lifetime and care for the society when he graduates from GIAT.

Research Features

The core and the research fields of GIAT are focused on intelligent Opto-electro-mechanical systems.  These fields include the vision systems, intelligent systems and control techniques. These fields integrate the characteristics of practicality of each field and foresight to apply in intelligent Opto-electro-mechanical systems. The key techniques developed at GIAT can be described as follows :

(1) Vision Systems: the related techniques include: Digital image processing, Machine vision and image processing algorithm, Automatic optical inspection, medical image processing techniques, 3D image reconstruction, and Video servo.

(2) Intelligent system  and control techniques : Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy systems, Soft computing, Object-oriented programming techniques, Motion control, applications of digital signal processing, development and applications of embedded systems and real-time multi-task kernels.


Teaching Features

The curriculum plan is based on the key items of focused techniques, vision systems, intelligent system and control techniques, to achieve optimal design of the courses. These courses are designed based on both theoretical and practical knowledge.  The contents of each course also integrate with industry experiences that are taught by industrial instructors. Many courses are conducted in English to suit the demand of internationalization. Several foreign students have already joined the GIAT international program in the past several years. 

The GIAT faculty team has 11 professors, including 4 professors, 5 associate professors and 2 assistant professors.  Each of them not only has outstanding specialties and plentiful practical experiences but also has the passion toward teaching and research as well. GIAT also provides enough research funds and facilities for the students and faculties a good research environment.




To use multi-teaching method, and combine with research organizations and industry for interdisciplinary education. Stressing on worldwide education and provide the opportunity of overseas study for the students. The objective is to nurture outstanding automation engineers for the industry.



To do the research on computer vision and intelligent systems for automation industry. The objective is to establish a complete and disciplined research team for the industrial research and development.


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