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Department of Energy & Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering

The Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering (ERACE) was formerly the Refrigerating Air-Conditioning and Engineering Group, which was a division of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Provincial Taipei Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1964. The department offered the first education program in air-conditioning and refrigeration in Taiwan. The department has played an important role in the industrial development of Taiwan for more than 30 years. It became an independent department when the Institute was renamed National Taipei University of Technology in 1997. The department offers undergraduate, master and Ph.D. degree courses to cultivate well-trained students to meet the needs of the industry field.

 Research Features

Our research programs have objectives about cultivating specialists and researchers in the areas of air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering.

(1) Refrigeration: refrigeration, vacuum refrigeration, biotech refrigeration, electronic cooling, and high efficiency and low temperature technology, research works include on refrigeration, food cold chain technology, refrigeration equipment research

(2) Air-conditioning: air-conditioning and environmental control, research works include air-conditioning air distribution, health facility and isolation room air-conditioning, clean room air-conditioning, high tech production clean technology, thermo-fluid modeling, and building smoke management.

(3) Energy technology: energy application and energy conservation, research works include energy related engineering, building energy management, solar energy applications, solar energy air-conditioning, high efficiency conditioning technologies.

 Teaching Features

12 full time faculty members and approximately 21 part-time faculty members are involved in Teaching activities. The curriculum is divided to 4 categories: 

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Mechatronics, Thermal Sciences, and Environmental Control. The courses contain:

(1) Basic coursesThermodynamics, Electronics, Electric Circuit Theory, Fluid Mechanics, Air-conditioning Engineering and Design, Principles of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, etc.

(2) Major coursesHVAC System Technology, Refrigeration System Technology, Clean Room Design, Optimization for Engineering Systems, Food Refrigeration Engineering, Computer-Aided Analysis, Ventilation Energy Conservation Technology, Electronic Cooling Techniques, Indoor Air Quality Control, Heat Exchanger Analysis, Solar Electrical Energy Technology and Application, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, etc.

(3) Special Projects and Research: Special Projects, Engineering Seminar, Thesis.



The programs have objectives in

(1) Cultivating specialists and researchers in the areas of air-conditioning, refrigeration engineering.

(2) Producing motivated and innovative engineers that are greatly needed in research and development.

(3) Energy technology program as the minor study to broaden the knowledge base of the students.


To meet the implementation of Kyoto Protocol and the depletion of resources on the earth, the department aims to develop energy conservation, equipment efficiency improvement and research and development in energy technologies.


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