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Department of Energy & Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

In-Service Master’s Program

Ph.D. Program



Research Highlights

Refrigeration: refrigeration, vacuum refrigeration, biotech refrigeration, electronic cooling, and high efficiency and low temperature technology, with researches covering refrigeration, food cold chain technology, refrigeration equipment research.

Air-conditioning: air-conditioning and environmental control, with specific studies comprising air-conditioning air distribution, health facility and isolation room air-conditioning, clean room air-conditioning, high tech production clean technology, thermo-fluid modeling, and building smoke management.

Energy technology: energy application and energy conservation, with research works involving energy related engineering, building energy management, solar energy applications, solar energy air-conditioning, high efficiency conditioning technologies.



Cultivating specialists and researchers in the areas of energy, air-conditioning, and refrigeration engineering.

Producing motivated and innovative engineers that are greatly needed in research and development of industries.

Broadening the knowledge base of Energy saving technology to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


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