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Dr. Che-Hua Yang, the then dean, visited Semarang State Polytechnic and Universitas Engeri Semarang in Indonesia in May 2017. Dr. Yang held an admission information session at Semarang State Polytechnic, expecting more international students study at NTUT. Furthermore, both Universitas Engeri Semarang and NTUT signed the partnership minutes of meeting to explore opportunities of collaboration on academic and research activities.
Dr. Chih Keng Chen visited Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai University of finance and economics in September 2017. Dr. Chen represented NTUT to search for the possibility of partnership establishment with Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai University of finance and economics.
In December 2017, Dr. Chih Keng Chen headed Vietnam visiting Hanoi University of Science and Technology & Ton Duc Thang University. Dr. Chen held admission information sessions in these two universities, expecting possibilities of collaboration on academic studies.
On March 17, 2017
On December 5~7, 2017, Professor J.H. Lee visited the Adamson University in Philippine to introduce to encourage the undergraduate students in Adamson University to apply for admission to our university for graduate studies in various programs leading to Master’s and Doctorate degrees.