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Cooperation with CMEE



College-level Agreements
No. Country  University Date
1 U.S.A. School of Engineering and Applied Science University of California,Los Angeles ( UCLA)    2010.03.15
2 China Wuhan University, School of Power and Mechanical Enginering    2012.05.10
3 U.S.A. College of Engineering , University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)    2012.03.30
4 Japan Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University (IPS)     2012.08.02
5 Frence École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (ESTIA)    2012.10.01
6 China School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering    2013.04.23
7 Japan Graduate School of Science and Technology, Meiji University    2013.06.05
8 Macau The University of Macau (University of Macau)    2013.08.19
9 China Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Energy and Power Engineering    2013.11.01
10 China Harbin Engineering University College of Automation    2014.01.10
11 Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology, Precision and Intelligence Lab.    2013.12.05
12 China Tongji University Aeronautics Astronautics and Dynamics College    2014.05.26
13 U.S.A. California State University, Sacramento    2014.06.06
14 Japan Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Science and Technology Kumamoto University     2014.07.15
15 Japan Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering (Waseda University)     2015.04
16 Ecuador Universidad De Las Fuerzas Armadas – ESPE    2015.06.30
17 China Beihang University, School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering    2015.10.28
18 China Southwest Jiaotong University, School of Physical Science and Technology    2016.04.15
19 U.S.A. University of Cincinati Master (MS.E)Joint Dual-degree    2016.10.05
20 Indonesia Universitas Negeri Semarang    2017.05.24
21 China Shanghai University of Finance and Economics    2018.01.04
22 Philippines College of Engineering, Adamson University    2018.04
23 U.S.A. School of Science, Engineering and Technology  St. Mary’s University    2018.08.21
24 Indonesia Faculty of Engineering, The State University of Malang    2018.01
25 Hong Kong Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Mechanical Engineering    2019.04.11
26 Czech Republic Drážní revize s.r.o.    2021.09
27 Thailand Institute of field Robotics, King Mongkut’s University Of Technology Thonburi   under process
28 China Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) School of Mechanical Engineering (ME)   under process