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Join with your Peers at GNMS-2019, Valencia & Spain

Global Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science

(GNMS-2019 )

Valencia, Spain

08-10, April 2019

Dear Dr. Colleague,

We have succeeded to create a big family, combining all the universities, international associations, research institutions and experts from all over the world, who are directly or indirectly involved in Nanosciences.

For website: https://scientonline.org/nanotechnology-materials-science/index.php

I do hope you will be able to act as a speaker on the Nanotechnology-2019; your experience and comments will add an important dimension to what is potentially a very important discussion in the field.

Speakers Registration Benefits: Submit abstract & Register ($699) to get free 2nights accommodations at our conference Venue Valencia.
Thank you for reading.

Best Wishes,
Cathy Thomas
Program Manager
for Nanotechnology Conferences


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