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CECC has raised epidemic warning to Level 3 for both Taipei City and New Taipei City from May 15 to May 28.
That means,
1. Please have your masks on all the time when you go out.
2. Please avoid unnecessary outdoor movements, events and gatherings.
3. Indoor gatherings should not exceed 5 people in a room, and outdoor gatherings should not exceed 10 people in the same area. (People who live together are excluded from this regulation.) 
4. Please monitor your own healthy all the time and go to the doctors when your body is showing COVID-19 symptoms.

For all Taipei Tech international students, 
1. Please stay within your houses or the dormitory and do not go out unless necessary. This is to prevent all of you from having the same tracks with the infected and to reduce your risks of infection.
2. Please be aware that if you go outside for unnecessary reasons and needed to be quarantined, you will have to pay out of pocket for your hotel fees.

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