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International interactions

What CMEE has been doing

We have been contacting following universities for the possibility of exchange program or academic cooperation:



Wright State University, Ohio, USA

Wayne State University, Michigan, USA

Stony Brook University, New York, USA

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Nevada, USA

Around the end of June 2008, Assistant Dean of CMEE to visited Dean Eric Sandgre of the College of Engineering, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Woosoon Yim, and Director Robert F. Boehm of the Center of Energy Research, UNLV.



Prof. Yitung Chen of their Department of Mechanical Engineering visited Dean Lin on July 23rd of 2008.


On October 9th of 2008, Prof. Yitung Chen was invited by CMEE of NTUT and gave a speech to the Ph.D. and international students with the topic “Hydrogen Production Using Solar or Nuclear Thermochemical Techniques”. After the speech, he was also invited to participate in the international student party.


We are also contacting some famous universities in mainland China.

On October 11th, Prof. Yetai Fei and Dean Rong-Sheng Lu of Hefei University of Technology, China were invited by Dean Lin under the arrangement of Prof. L.C. Chen.

On September 25th of 2008, Dr. Peter Tsai of Cooltec Inc., California, USA visited CMEE of NTUT and gave a speech to the Ph.D. and international students with the topic "CFD and its applications in various industries”. He is a worldwide famous expert in CFD area.


President Shosuke Itomura of Okinawa College of Technology led their vice president and four more professors to visit NTUT on October 2nd of 2008.


On November 22nd of 2008, Dr. Thu Ha Tran (陳秋河教授) visited Dean Lin of CMEE and the laboratory of Prof. L.C. Chen. She is the head of Scientific Research, International Relations and Postgraduate Department, University of Technical Education HCMC.


On November 4th of 2008, Dr. Jason Chao visited CMEE and Chairman Hsiao of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is the editor of the Journal Nuclear Engineering and Design, a famous international SCI sited journal. He shared lots of valuable experience in nuclear topics with Prof. T.C. Hung.



International Conference


Prof. Chun-Hsi Su and Dean Lin have been striving for the possibility to host the 2009 International Conference of Coatings and Thin Films (ICCTF 2009) on 14-16 December 2009 will be held by and at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT).

Dean Lin has been invited as the “Organization Committee” for the Conference of 2009 US-EU-China (EUCTC-RE) Thermophysics Conference – Renewable Energy. The conference will be held in Beijing, May 28-30, 2009.